AWESOMENESS of the day.

The making of “No mans sky” one of the most promising games in the decade… can’t wait for it.

(via This is the most ambitious game in the universe | The Verge)

AWESOMENESS of the day.

Rising Generals, the game i’ve been working on at Innogames, is out you can pre-register for closed beta and help us make it awesomer.


GEEK TECH of the day.

“Hey google, take me home… i’m drunk”
So great that self driving cars are coming along so fine, a sweet wander for someone like me that doesn’t have a drivers licence.

(via Google fine tunes its self-driving car for city streets | The Verge)

AWESOMENESS of the day.

Remember Lytro, the light field portable camera? Now make it better… and here it is.

(via Lytro - Home)

GEEK TECH of the day.

Project ARA is a reality, and it may come to your hands next yeat.

(via The Verge)

AWESOMENESS of the day.

Bye bye street lamps, hello “glow in the dark trees”.

(via Daan Roosegaarde Aims to Replace Street Lamps With Glow-In-The-Dark Trees)

AWESOMENESS of the day.

Everything you need to know about advertising.
or… i mean advertising videos.

(via Every Terrible Ad Cliche You’ve Ever Seen in One Genius Video)

AWESOMENESS of the day.

Imagine the world, imagine a game, now imagine it together… aweome.

ReROLL Announcement video

(VIa: Nuninho)


App Flipping - How To Make Money With Apps - Turn $1K into a $200K Portfolio

How to make money with a mobile app. So much for creating something new, lets reskin old concepts and put some adds on it.
Sad the market shifted into this direction.

Nature Soundmap

AWESOMENESS of the day.

Listen to sounds of nature from all around the world, LITERALLY.